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Welcome to Hometown Hills Farm – your one-stop destination for quality grass-fed beef in Wantage, New Jersey. Strategically nestled amidst the pristine beauty of Wantage, we bring to you the finest quality pasture-raised beef selections, directly sourced from our farm.

About Hometown Hills Farm

At Hometown Hills Farm, we are more than just a supplier of exceptional meats; we are your trusted partners in sustainable farming. Our journey is one fueled by passion, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to ethics, sustainability, and our local community. Here’s an introduction to who we are:

Our Vision: Hometown Hills Farm emerged from a vision to provide people access to premium, sustainably sourced meats that not only enhance your health but also benefit the environment. We firmly believe in the transformative power of ethical farming and its potential to create a positive impact on our world.

Our Mission: Our mission is straightforward – to nurture happy, healthy animals in open pastures and deliver the highest quality beef, pork, and turkey to your dining table. Our drive is rooted in the desire to promote local agriculture and minimize our ecological footprint.

Our Dedicated Team: Behind every delectable cut of meat, you’ll find a dedicated team of farmers, animal caregivers, and passionate advocates for sustainable agriculture. We share a collective passion for what we do and take immense pride in our collaborative efforts.

Community Engagement: Our deep ties to Sussex County, New Jersey, are a cornerstone of our identity. We actively engage with our local community, and your support for Hometown Hills Farm helps us contribute to the prosperity and well-being of our neighbors and friends.

Customer Commitment: You, our valued customers, are at the heart of our mission. We are unwaveringly committed to providing you with exceptional service, transparent pricing, and a profound connection to the source of your nourishment. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Join Us on a Journey: When you choose Hometown Hills Farm, you’re not merely purchasing meat; you’re embarking on a shared journey towards a more sustainable, ethical, and flavorful future. We invite you to explore our farm, immerse yourself in our practices, and experience firsthand the transformative power of responsible farming.

Welcome to an authentic, traditional, and ever-thriving farming experience –

Hometown Hills Farm

Thank you for choosing us as your partners in sustainable living.

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