Welcome to Hometown Hills Farm, a community-oriented provider of premium, sustainably-sourced meats. Our core values are steeped in passion, dedication, and ethical farming practices—all dedicated to benefiting your health and our planet.

Our Ethos

Vision: Hometown Hills Farm was born out of a goal to deliver high-quality meats that are as good for the environment as they are for your wellbeing. We’re champions of farming that echoes our commitment to sustainability and making a positive global impact.

Mission: We aim to raise our animals in the freedom of open pastures, ensuring their wellbeing while offering you the best in beef, pork, and turkey. In doing so, we support local agriculture and strive to reduce our ecological impact.

Team: Our farm is powered by a devoted team of farmers and sustainable agriculture advocates. Together, we’re dedicated to excellence and take pride in our collaborative contribution to ethical farming.

Community: As a staple in Sussex County, New Jersey, community is in our fabric. Your support enables us to give back to the community that has given us so much.

Customer Focus: You are the heartbeat of Hometown Hills Farm. Expect outstanding service, fair pricing, and a deep connection to the origin of your food from us. Your satisfaction is our prime directive.

Join the Sustainable Farming Movement
Choosing Hometown Hills Farm means more than buying meat—you’re joining a movement for a sustainable and flavorful future. We invite you to visit our farm, engage with our sustainable practices, and witness the profound influence of responsible farming.

Our legacy interweaves traditional farming with modern sustainability practices, all nestled in New Jersey’s picturesque landscape. We provide grass-fed, pasture-raised meats, delivering taste and nutrition you can feel good about.

With Hometown Hills Farm, you don’t just purchase meat—you partake in a legacy of environmental stewardship and a deep connection to the land. Thank you for choosing to journey with us toward a more sustainable future.

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Grass-Fed Beef & Pastured Pork

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We take pride in directly sourcing the finest meat for you. Our local grass-fed beef shares are thoughtfully chosen and expertly processed to ensure unparalleled freshness and flavor in every bite. Taste the exceptional quality that comes from our sustainably and humanely raised cattle, and turkeys right here on our local Wantage, New Jersey farm of Sussex County.