Pasture Pork

Full Share Pasture Pork (Aprox. 110lbs)

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Our Whole Pastured Pork Package offers an exceptional variety of premium, flavorful cuts from pigs raised in their natural pasture environments. This comprehensive package is designed for those who appreciate the depth of flavor and nutritional benefits that come from ethically raised, free-range pork. It includes a wide range of cuts, from succulent pork chops and tenderloins to hearty roasts and versatile ground pork, ensuring you have the perfect cut for any meal. Ideal for families, chefs, and anyone passionate about sustainable eating, this package not only provides delicious, high-quality meat but also supports humane farming practices. Each cut is carefully prepared to highlight the unique taste and quality of pastured pork, making it a superior choice for your culinary creations.

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Half Share Pasture Pork (Aprox. 55lbs)

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Our Half Pastured Pork Package brings to your table a curated selection of high-quality cuts from pigs raised on open pastures. This package is perfectly suited for those who want to enjoy the rich, robust flavors of free-range pork without committing to a whole pig. It includes a diverse assortment of cuts such as pork chops, tenderloins, roasts, and ground pork, offering versatility for a range of dishes. Ideal for smaller families or those with limited freezer space, this half pig package allows you to experience the benefits of sustainably raised pork, including improved taste and nutritional value. Supporting ethical farming practices, this option ensures you're not only enjoying delicious meals but also contributing to responsible animal husbandry and environmental stewardship. Each piece is selected to showcase the distinct, natural flavors of pastured pork, providing a truly gourmet experience.

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