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Starter Pack Beef Share (Aprox. 25lbs)

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July 1st , 2024 Pick Up Date (pick up only Our 25lb Grass-Fed Beef Starter Pack is the perfect introduction to premium, pasture-raised beef for those interested in tasting the difference or with smaller storage capabilities. This carefully assembled package includes a variety of cuts such as select steaks, ground beef, roasts, and more, offering a comprehensive sampling of the rich flavors and nutritional benefits that grass-fed beef has to offer. Ideal for individuals, couples, or small families wanting to incorporate high-quality, sustainable meat into their diets, this pack emphasizes ethical sourcing and environmental stewardship. Each cut is chosen for its flavor, tenderness, and versatility in cooking, providing an excellent way to explore a range of dishes. This starter pack is a fantastic option for those looking to embrace a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle without committing to a large quantity of meat.

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